Jax White

I am Jax and I know women.

You wont find pictures of beautiful women trying to lure you in here. JaxWhite.com is about REAL tips that help you in meeting REAL women in the REAL world. It's a simple site that shows you how I was actually able to meet women almost every night online. If you join the email list, you'll get all my tips and tricks. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. Just simply, the stuff that works for meeting women.

This isn't "self help" or some program designed to "boost your confidence." You won't see that nonsense here. It's all actionable tips I've used that have worked over and over again.

How JaxWhite.com Got Started

Not that long ago, I was just like a lot of guys. I came up with a lot of excuses why not to talk to women. I told myself I was too fat, I didn't make enough money, I wasn't funny enough, and I didn't dress well enough. I would read online about how I needed to "transform myself" to be something I'm not in order to live the life I wanted to live and meet the girls I wanted to meet. It never made sense to me that I should change who I am to have the life I wanted. This always seemed illogical.

Everyone online was trying to sell me on some "system" or "program" but all I really wanted were actionable tips on how to approach women, what to say and just how to get them to like me. I wasn't looking for reformation, I was just looking for some information. I couldn't find it anywhere so I went out and learned how to talk to women the hard way. As I went about my journey, I started taking notes on what was and wasn't working.

Before I knew it, I had almost eight hundred of pages of notes. From those notes, I started to simplify everything I was doing. I learned there were a few different things that worked to initiate conversations, a few jokes and stories worked well during a date, and knowing some basics about how women operate was all I needed. It's true there are some mental barriers (I'm I good looking enough to talk to her, etc...) but if you just know what to say in the first place, everything becomes a lot easier.

How Can My Site Help You?

After a couple years of continually bringing new women around my friends, they started asking me "How do you always meet new women"? I started offering the same information from my notes to them and then something funny happened. They started bringing more women around than I was. I still don't know if this is good or not, but what I've found is that a large majority of guys I give these tips to are far more successful than me in meeting women. That's the good news for you. The bad news is that there is some work involved and you will get rejected (especially in the beginning) but even that gets much easier with some practice.