The only sites I recommend.

What? No one told you about Niche Sites?

Most people don't realize that niche dating sites  help you meet more attractive women   by offering a prerequisite mutual interest to start with. For instance, you are much more likely to get a response on a site like because women will feel like you already have something in common. Whereas a site like or OKCupid, offers no innate mutual interest so she has to read your profile or message to see if you are a match. In case you didn't already know, beautiful women on dating sites are inundated with hundreds of messages a day on these big sites. They don't have time to sift through all of these messages trying to find a guy they're compatible with. More and more of these beautiful women are giving up on the big sites altogether and moving to niche sites and that's great news for you!

So, which sites do I use?

1. Farmers Only (non-affiliate link)

Country girls are the best girls to meet online. They are the prettiest, nicest, and the wildest all at once. With tv ads over the last few years, this niche site has grown into a membership base of over 1.5 million members. Don't worry if you don't live on a farm either, this site is for anyone the doesn't live downtown. You should invest in some cowboy boots and don't be afraid to go to a local country bar on your first date.

2. (non-affiliate link)

Not a site that pops out at you and says "great place for meeting women" but I have had a ton of success here. There's the obvious aforementioned benefit of having a mutual connection (if you're gluten free) but there are some not-so-obvious benefits too. Since the girls here are health conscious, they are more likely to be attractive and healthy looking. The topic of gluten has become highly politicized and is a polarizing topic. Even if you are not gluten free in practice but are willing to side the the gluten free crowd, you open yourself up to a world of beautiful women.

3. 420 Singles (non-affiliate link)

I don't "toke up" or else this might be higher on the list. I have friends that do and say this site is the best site for guys looking to meet for casual dating. In fact, some of the guys that have used my advice use this site exclusively and nothing else for meeting women. It's especially big on the west coast and in 2011 had over 90,000 members. From what I hear, it's much larger than that now.

4. Dance Passions (non-affiliate link)

Dance Passions is part of the Passions Network of dating sites. It's a good idea to get a free membership to several "Passions" sites and find what you're most interested in, but I put Dance Passions on here because it's actually the first niche site I started using to meet women. It's perfect if you think about it. You can sign up as a guy wanting to learn how to dance. Then the first date is kind of built in for you, as it will be some sort of dancing. Let me tell you first hand, there is no bigger turn on for a woman on a first date than a guy can that can dance. Dust off your dancing shoes and go meet some ladies.

5. PlentyOfFish (non-affiliate link)

I know what you're thinking, POF is NOT a niche site! Technically, you may be right but there is a huge niche of a particular type of women on the site. This site is filled with women "not looking for anything serious" unlike Match or OKCupid. It's really easy to use POF to meet new women if you go in with a really casual approach. Here the key is pulling groups together. You'll want to mention you and some friends are going to be at ABC bar and her and her friends should meet you there. This approach is much easier for most guys and gals, and has been particularly successful on POF.