Yes I'm real.

First off, yes I'm a real dude.

Over 50% of my inbox is filled with people asking who I really am and wanted to know if I'm real. Yes, I'm real and No I don't want anyone to know who I am. The stuff I write about is for guys who need a little extra help meeting women and it goes in to great detail describing exactly how to do that. I don't want the women in my life knowing how much detail and effort I have put into learning this stuff. I also don't want my family knowing, so lay off with that rubbish.


I was born and raised in the midwest. I have a great family and an amazing group of friends. I was never the guy in the basement playing video games, but I also had a lot of trouble talking to girls from a young age. I was so infatuated with beautiful women I would freeze up when I tried to talk to them. As I watched my friends all settle on mediocre women in their lives, I just stayed single hoping to meet someone that really got me excited.

I started my journey into becoming a player with the best of intentions. I thought if I could just meet a few regular women and go on a few dates eventually I would somehow get more confidence and magically meet my dream girl. Instead, I went on horrible dates with women I had no interest in and found myself further away from my dream girl. It felt like I was stuck on a level and the only women within my grasp were women on this same (low) level.

Then I Changed My Thinking

There wasn't some magical "ah ha" or moment of clarity. It was a gradual change in the way I thought about meeting women. I thought that if I could use a more scientific approach to meeting women, maybe I could at least go up a level or two. So, I started on this incredible journey by going on OKCupid and messaging every girl I could. I felt that if I could at least get a couple dates out of the 60 messages I sent out, then I could refine those successful emails to send out to more women. At first, my goal was simply numbers. I just wanted to get out as many different messages to as many different girls as possible.

I put a full weeks' worth of effort into writing emails and thought surely I would get some responses. It would have been bad enough to not get any responses, but I actually got 4 negative responses. Women I wasn't really all that interested in to begin with were writing me back telling me they weren't interested in me (some were very rude, btw) and this was devastating. Was I really so repulsive? Sure I had about 20 extra pounds and a hairline that was more retreating than receding, but I didn't think I was disgusting or overly boring. This was a real confidence blow and I think a lot of guys get to this point. They send out the "hail mary" emails hoping to get a few responses and are shocked not to find anyone looking for what they are offering.

So I Picked Myself Back Up

I started researching into how to meet girls. I read pickup artist books like "The Game" by Neil Strauss and "The Mystery Method" by Mystery, as well as books like "The Natural" by Richard La Ruina, "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Robert A. Glover and countless others. Every book I read offered a little more insight and did give some helpful tips on what to say, how to act, and how to make myself look more appealing to women. The problem was that I couldn't follow any one of these methods verbatim and still be myself. I felt like there was a loss of my soul in the process. I encourage everyone to read these books and pick up on some of the golden nuggets of information within them or at least join my email list to get weekly tips derived from many of my readings and experience.

Armed with some new information and insights on women, I was able to try this little experiment again. The first step was updating my online profile to stay true to who I was but also be more attractive to women. The next step was constructing emails and messages that engaged these women instead of coming off desperate and boring. I thought this would be the end of my journey as surely I would get more responses from this round of 60 messages and hopefully one of them would be a stepping tone to my dream girl. Something crazy happened though, I started getting responses from beautiful girls I never really expected to hear from. I had 22 positive responses from my 60 messages (over 1 in 3) and suddenly found a new challenge... How am I going to afford, schedule, and even say no to dating some of these women?

These Days

This was almost 5 years ago now and you can learn about all the lessons I've learned along the way in my upcoming ebook very soon, but for now I highly recommend subscribing to get the most important lessons I've learned in short emails once a week.

Did I ever meet my dream girl? Yes, about a thousand times over. What I found was that once I learned how to pick up beautiful women, the idea of settling down no longer appealed to me. Some day that may change, but for now I'm loving life and trying to show regular guys they can have this too.